Unsecured Finance for Solicitors

Are you looking for an unsecured business loan?

Our unsecured finance for solicitors business loan is a funding solution which requires no personal or business asset as collateral. Therefore your assets are not at risk.

Because these loans are unsecured, a requirement of  the borrower is to show the lender a good credit rating and financial history. 

The benefit of taking an unsecured business loan is that it has no impact on your current banking lines so will therefore not inhibit borrowing or credit lines from your own bank.

Why finance with us?

Synergy Professions understands the nature of the industry and the occasional need for a little extra capital. Moreover, we understand that speed of decisions is paramount. In addition, simplicity of the application process and fast payment to you.  Finally, we can help fund the development and continued annual growth when cash flow is tight

What can a finance for solicitors loan be used for?

  • Tax loan
  • VAT finance
  • Case purchases
  • Work in Progress
  • Disbursements
  • Cashflow improvements
  • Refurbishments
  • Practice Acquisitions
  • Partner buy-in or buy-out
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Practicing Certificates

How can Synergy Professions help?

Our unsecured finance for Solicitors and Barristers mean that you can finance your next big move without putting your financial assets at risk. Our unsecured loans for legal professionals are designed for all areas of the legal sector from sole practitioners to large multi-partner firms. As a result, we can find the right product for you whatever your circumstances.

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